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Here are some tips on buying the right size footwear for yourself:

# Have your feet measured by someone who knows what they are doing, a professional if you will. Many things happen over the course of our lives that can change the shape of our feet such as, being pregnant, gaining weight, and just plain old getting older.

Also the same size may vary from one shoe maker to another. A size 7 shoe by one shoe maker may fit you, while a size 7 from another will not.

# Speaking of footwear size, make sure that you do your shoe shopping in the afternoon time of the day, as your feet tend to swell throughout the day and can be up to a half size larger in the later part of the day!

# Look at your feet and consider their shape and look for shoes that would be comfortable considering the shape of your feet.

Footwear, like feet, come in all kinds of different shapes and if you wear shoes that are not compatible with your feet, you may be in for some pain.

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# Make sure that your heels fit in your shoes with a very little slipping around as this will cause you to have some very sore feet by the end of the day.

# Make sure to give the shoes that you are trying on a "test drive" or "test walk" in this case. Walk around the store and try to put them through the whole range of motions that you think they will be going through with you on a daily basis.

This way, you can make sure that they fit you perfectly before you buy them. Remember to allow a little for breaking them in too.

# Speaking of breaking in your footwear, one thing that I have found very helpful for my tennis shoes is to buy one pair for through the week and another for just the weekend.

This way, when your "through the week" shoes wear out, you have a pair ready to take their place, and they are already broke in! Then all you have to do is buy another weekend pair. It's also a lot easier to break shoes in just on the weekend than through out the week!

# Try to leave at least 1/4 of an inch between the end of the shoe and your toes, to where your toes can lay flat. You don't want to deform your toes, or get corns on them!

# Try to buy shoes with a leather upper, or completely lined with leather as it will absorb the sweat from your feet better than man made material. Plus, man made material will make your feet stink if you are not careful!

# Look at the workmanship on the shoes, is it sloppy? Are there broken stitches? Are there dried pieces of glue anywhere? Are there any seams that are starting to come apart? If you see any kind of bad workmanship like this, don't buy the shoes.

Your shoes are an investment and you don't need something that is halfheartedly put together. Poor workmanship means poor quality, and if the shoes are poorly made, they won't last long.

# Lastly check out the shoes one more time once you get home, and try them on again. If you decide they are not for you, take them back. Note: it would be a good idea to find out ahead of time what the stores return policy is, this way you know what you are getting into before you buy anything.

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